Welcome to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists was founded in 1988 to provide the highest quality specialized care for companion animals. Located in the heart of Houston, this referral-only, multi-practice veterinary center enables your family veterinarian to incorporate advanced diagnostic procedures, sophisticated technology, and the exceptional skills of our board-certified specialists into their general practice.

Our specialists combine their collective knowledge and skill in the treatment of complex and multifaceted cases. We believe this teamwork among our colleagues and your family veterinarian promotes the best possible care. We offer 24-hour patient care and a support staff of experienced and devoted veterinary technicians. Most importantly, we have a profound understanding of the bond that exists between you and your pet.

As a member of your family, your pet deserves nothing less than the best care available. Our commitment to having the most advanced technology is unrivaled. Our priority, however, lies with giving you and your family all the support you need – through communication, care and compassion.

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